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Watch Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 Online Free

By Rinde55, 18:08

 Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 At Fangtasia, a handsome man in a leather jacket and studded collar offers himself up to Jessica. "They say my blood is like a goddamn milkshake, and you don't even need no straw," he tells her. Jessica's interest is piqued. Next time we see the guy, however, he is leading Hoyt into a room in a house in the middle of nowhere, where he's got a beaten and bruised Jessica chained in silver in the corner. He's part of the Supe Klux Klan, along with Ray and Tyrese, and they've decided to let/make Hoyt kill Jessica himself. "You hear that, Ruby Red? Your ex- boyfriend is going to stick it in you one last time," Tyrese taunts Jess. Then, to Hoyt, "And I mean your stake, and not your Johnson." Heh. They lock Hoyt in the room with a gun with silver-core wooden bullets.

 Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 At the Sheriff's Office, Andy is interrogating Joe Bob and getting nowhere, so Sam asks for a moment alone with the prisoner: "I have certain techniques." And in what is surely not a Geneva Conventions-sanctioned move, Sam transforms into a cobra and hisses in Joe Bob's face. He discovers that Joe Bob's compadres have targeted Jessica. Luna-as-Sam shows up in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office and confronts Andy, who is understandably confused ("What the monkey spunk?"). He leads Luna-as-Sam back to his office, where she hugs the actual Sam, who is less confused than shocked. Luna-as-Sam explains that she can't seem to shift back, and she's worried she's going to die. Andy: Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 "I hate this goddamn town."

 Jessica begs Hoyt to take the silver off, but Hoyt is conflicted. After all, Jessica did cheat on him with his best friend and broke his heart. Plus, she's already dead. "Why don't you love me anymore?" he asks her. "I wanted to love you," she tells him. "I even prayed for it to come back. It just didn't." He points the gun against her forehead.

 Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 In the next room, the milkshake man hears the gun go off. He unlocks the door and walks inside. "You did it?" he asks Hoyt. Hoyt: "Where are the other boys?" Milkshake: "They ain't here." And Jessica steps out from behind the door and snaps his neck. Only problem, it's daytime, so Jessica can't leave. Hoyt promises to send help. "Hey, Hoyt?" Jessica says. "Thank you." Hoyt: "(Bleep) you, Jess." Clearly he's still conflicted.

 Andy, Sam and Luna-as-Sam find Jessica in the Supe Klux Klan shack, but she's worried when she finds out that Hoyt never made contact with them. Luna-as-Sam sniffs around Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 and detects that a large woman with a penchant for Cheetohs, Mello Yello and menthol cigarettes was in the room. But she doubles over in pain before this makes a lick of sense.

 Hoyt is walking along a road when a pickup truck rumbles by. He goes over to the window and smiles: "A friendly face," Hoyt says to the driver. "I've been so freaking lost." But the driver just lifts his gun and cocks it in Hoyt's face.

 Back at Merlotte's, Sam has Luna-as-Sam on his lap. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 "You're not going to die," he tells her. "You have too much to live for ... You mean more to me than anything. And you're incredibly handsome." He kisses Luna-as-Sam on her head, spawning an entirely new genre of slash fiction. Good news: Luna-as-Sam transforms back into Luna. Bad news: She gags, yells and retches.

 At Alcide's house, there is at least a full minute of growly weresex between Alcide and Rikki. "You know this doesn't mean I'm your girlfriend," she whispers. "I don't remember asking," he grunts back. Pause, long shared look. "You wanna be my girlfriend?" Alcide Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 says. "Maybe." Sookie really missed the boat on this one.

 It's the night of the packmaster challenge. Traditionally, the two contenders have to track and kill a quarry animal, but J.D. is switching things up: He's kidnapped a track star from the local college, and they're going to hunt him as men, not wolves. He will give the kid a two-minute head start. Alcide objects and drops out, thinking that will save the kid's life. But J.D. says he's Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 still going to hunt the track star. Alcide tells J.D. he's a drug addict and a disgrace, but the juiced-up J.D. pins Alcide and tells him he isn't fit to wipe his behind. And then J.D. takes off after the track star.

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